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Ode to the Gallbladder

I can't seem to stop writing poetry or reading poetry. I think it is safe to say I love poetry and I love sharing great poetry with others.


A Canzone for My Gallbladder

A close examination of a loss,

noticeable decline of simple joy

after the day of my gallbladder loss.

A collection of bile due to this loss,

too many fingers of anger and gile.

A connection with giving up the sauce.

A similar detriment like no floss

for healthy gums or lack of vitamins.

This bladders bile's emulsifying grins.

To try hard not to offend, taking loss

with anatomic curiosity

and small amount of some ferocity.

On the byways of my organs city

the fate of tissue is not a coin toss

where health is counterbalanced with pity

as illness debases ability

to steal each moment of simple joy

and pulls the brakes on our velocity

but not the need for curiosity.

A lonely liver produces much bile

and stones so smooth then can be used as tile

we will begin to store all things gritty.

A viscous fluid within cystic lumens.

A friend of liver, both perfect unions.


Part Two

A viscous fluid within cystic lumens

we will begin to store all things gritty

and stones will grow from our glutenous sins

whether inside women or inside men

to hang upon our necks this albatross

the workings of this organ under lens

so drawn with many anatomists pens

to show the ague that will find employ.

When time has come for butter, to enjoy

a juicy steak will bring upon us grins

so many fats never going out of style

some quality rest to digest awhile.

Save stones so smooth they can be used as tile

a surgery to try to make amends

too many fingers of anger and gile

an unhealthy collection of my bile.

Into a surgeons generosity

my liver holds no animosity

nor lost its digestive ability

this sullen digester of my livers dross.

These sober days of my gallbladder loss

to thank you for storing all things gritty

to remember you when I would enjoy

some butter on toast or fried chicken joy.


Part Three

Your lack of presence no longer annoy

the scars have become part of my new style

my pancreas has become fats decoy

I no longer have desire to destroy

all hamburgers within sesame buns

and fill my diet with more steamed Bokchoi

no longer treat myself as whipping boy

my lessons were learned through gallbladder loss

a second thought when ordering cream sauce.

The fate of tissue is not a coin toss

no longer treat myself as whipping boy

too many fingers of anger and gile

from juicy steak I thought was bringing grins

treat our bodies as a holy city.

© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann


Jamie Lee Hamann (author) from Reno NV on April 11, 2019:

Thank you Linda. Jamie

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on April 09, 2019:

'Ode to the Gallbladder' has to be one of the best poem titles I've ever read. Sorry to hear of your loss but it did force you into healthier food choices.

Jamie Lee Hamann (author) from Reno NV on April 09, 2019:

Thank you Harish. My problem lies with loving food too much. Jamie

Jamie Lee Hamann (author) from Reno NV on April 09, 2019:

Thank you Doris for reading and sharing your Gallbladder story. I love anatomy and physiology and work in the medical field so I like to hear these stories. Jamie

Harish Mamgain from New Delhi , India on April 09, 2019:

Jamie , great poem and great lesson too. I liked the way you described it all. We must watch our food habits.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on April 08, 2019:

When I saw the title, I just had to read your ode. I lost my gallbladder at such a young age that my doctor theorized that I was born with the stones not developed them from bad eating habits. But you lament the loss of steak and cream sauce. With my six enormous stones, as a child I'd become a vegetarian by necessity. With them out, I discovered the delicacy of steak and gained the badly needed 30 lbs. on my skinny frame. The poem was a great idea, and very well executed.

Jamie Lee Hamann (author) from Reno NV on April 08, 2019:

Thank you Bill.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 08, 2019:

The title made me laugh...the writing made me applaud. This is really quite good.

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