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Ode to a Family. A Dedication to Patricia Scott and Family

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"A genuine seeker after peace must needs be a seeker after love. Love has another name: sacrifice. When sacrifice is pure, love is sure. When love is divine, in sacrifice there can be no "mine," no "thine." Love is the secret of oneness. Sacrifice is the strength of oneness." -Sri Chinmoy

Patricia, Stephanie and Heston's dad

Patricia, Stephanie and Heston's dad

A Free Verse Sonnet

Two exemplary seeds take root, heralding

The fruits of intimacy and filial love.

O immaculate mirrors of the Divine!

Bonding and loyalty are thy names--

Like a flower and the breath of its fragrance.

Sweet affinity of the Beloved,

Your duty shines like sunflowers,

Cradling and kissing the light of the sun,

Which feeds their reverence.

Respect! O dauntless flames of the One!

Obeisance to your courage and resilience.

Thy heavenly wine of true devotion,

Sleeplessly oozing the sacrifice of the Heart,

Awakens the supernal joy of heaven.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 20th June, 2018.

~Awakening The Inner Light ~

Heston Wayne, Stephanie and jay

Heston Wayne, Stephanie and jay


In their own way, Patricia and all her wonderful family and friends have experienced many sacrifices. Through pain ... adversity and joy also, they have displayed fortitude and resilience; diligence, care and concern ... the spirit of sharing and giving, as well as an unwavering faith in the Lord.

I commend them most sincerely, with all my Heart and best wishes for God's continual Love.

Wisdom-Quote from the Master


Sacrifices. An Acrostic Poem

S orrow and forgiveness flowed,

A s the tool His flesh did gore.

C hrist’s immortal words of Love,

R esonated low; above.

I srael’s son upon the cross,

F aced the callousness of man.

I s it really such a task,

C rying for His Father’s Land?

E nter through God’s Gates- Delight;

S acrifice our darkness-night.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 20th June, 2018.

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~

Patricia and her elder sister

Patricia and her elder sister


© 2018 manatita44

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