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Ode to Self-Publishing

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.



To publish in the quiet of our homes,

to have control of movement of the words,

a silent place to park our needed tomes,

everyman can sharpen their wits own swords.

What rewards stay hidden in the binding,

what unknown beauty lies within the page,

these copies made in our living rooms.

"What mad pursuits" a tool to loosen rage,

original from start to ending,

a chance to share our gardens in full bloom.

These lonely melodies mostly unheard

are sweeter in their common secrecy.

A novel where writer feels they are cured,

a story that demands immediacy.

Our youth maybe hidden beneath the lines,

to rediscover nature and its charms,

a chance for us to share our kindred souls.

In city lights or Minnesota farms,

our country roads and bullet ridden signs,

our daily grind, or birthing our first foal.

Ah happy books! A book to call your own,

a grand yet simple gift to give ourselves

like natures gift of spring after seeds sown

sit tenderly upon the greenhouse shelves.

More happy books! How many can we have?

As many as we create in our dreams

and plan as we do our daily routine.

As writers sit, to contemplate schemes.

More happy books! How many can we have?

To turn the page upon another scene.

To all the writers who need to publish,

no matter how we found our own desire,

please hold the pole up to expose your fish

no matter if it never starts a fire.

To those that have the need but need a push

to create some light that is only you

and share with others what this all has meant.

A medicine to start a life anew,

at your own pace, no need for you to rush,

no stress, no worry, not a penny spent.

A chance for my escape from my own life,

allowed to share with you my old lost friend

about old times with family or wife.

Expectancy when the story has to end

and where we pass a thanks for a great read.

"You silent form, will tease up out of thought."

Everytime I read I feel I grow,

to share with friends a higher ground I sought,

a chance to fill this ever present need,

our breath is beauty, all we need to know.