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Ode to Protea Park - a Poem

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John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Ode to Protea Park

Sitting in the garden,

Ladies spinning yarn,

Relaxing in the quiet surrounds

Of Protea Park farm.

Geraniums and roses

Adorn the lovely scene.

Ferns, cacti, and grevillea,

Surroundings so serene.


Canaries sing a lovely tune,

Budgies chatter too,

Goats and alpaca in the field,

Camels, horses too.

I sit back shaded from the sun

Upon a garden seat.

The atmosphere is so relaxed,

It really can't be beat.


Ornaments and statues

Are scattered here and there

Throughout this lovely garden.

Its beauty is quite rare.

With pen in hand, and notebook

I write this winsome verse.

My muse ordered a change of scene

To beat the writer's curse.


I'd lost my creative writing urge,

Dried ink adorned my quill,

But a day spent in this garden

Proved I have it still.

I close my eyes and let my thoughts

Wander here and there.

My inspiration soon returns,

And so this poem I share.

Part of the garden at Protea Park

Part of the garden at Protea Park

© 2017 John Hansen