Ode to Frog Spotting

Updated on December 13, 2019

An Ode to Frog Spotting

Western Slender Tree Frog
Western Slender Tree Frog

A frog, he would a wooing go
He'll find a pool in which to float
Or a tree he'll find, to climb and sing
Or a bed of mud for a hole he might dig
He seeks a spot where he might flex his voice
Hoping to be some frogette's choice
Singing solo won't be a sure bet
So he's more likely to join a quartet
Or he might add his voice to a piercing drone
Always in spring he will click, croak or moan
The frogs in our pond sound like motorbikes changing gears
A sound that has brought us much joy through the years

Burrowing Frog
Burrowing Frog

Frogs are more than a novelty, you'll find
Their contribution to the whole is something to keep in mind
So next time you see a frog in a tree
Or hanging from a frond or in a pond, care free
Consider the miracle that is; the froggies
Some have helped us in the fight to cure disease
Others provide us with effective relief from strong pain
Who knows how much else from them we might gain
They keep bug numbers down, although maybe not nymphs
Go out looking at night if you'd like a wee glimpse
But be kind to them, don't cause them to fuss
Because if we look after them, they'll look after us.

Motorbike frog just hanging around...
Motorbike frog just hanging around...

And then there's that they are, mostly, quite cute
And watching them morph is more than just a hoot
It all starts when a female responds to a male's calls
Next things she's laying a carpet of little slimy balls
These eggs hatch into tadpoles that swim like fish
Which later morph into froglettes that leap high as they wish
Frogs teach kids about the world they live in
For my kids, frog spotting was like going to heaven
So go and see if you can find a frog, too
They come in all colors, green, brown, even blue
And they range from tiny to as big as your hand
With a variety of calls, enough for a band

Frog on a log
Frog on a log

Why don't you go out frog spotting, too?
Be sure that you will be glad if you do
Just remember, frogs inspired great Muppets
So frog spot with care, don't be a puppet
If you come across a wee Kermit sitting on a track
Give him space, don't scare him, and he'll check you right back
Don't pick him up, for your sake and his
Just have fun watching him go on about his biz
He'll sometimes be fast, he'll sometimes be slow
But it's fun to watch frogs who would a wooing go
Aspire to enlighten, be the change you would see
Take your kids frog spotting, set their hearts and minds free

A tiny motorbike froglet on a reed in our pond.
A tiny motorbike froglet on a reed in our pond.

© 2019 Mel Stewart



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