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Ode for Tomorrow

Mars is just an ordinary lady who works as an accountant in the morning and writes her heart out at night.


The weather suddenly changes

There has been loud thunder

Lightning and gloomy feeling

There is chaos in the surrounding.

The chilly rain dropped into my face

The windy breeze captured my soul

My eyes have seen no more

My ears have heard nothing.

My heart is pounding in all its might

Troubling feelings stripping away my light

I let the tears shatter my heart

The heart that has felt cold when things fall apart.

There is nothing else I tend to follow

Life has thrown so many broken arrows

Fueling nothing but great sorrow

Yet, I am now letting all my feelings go.

Goodbye to broken dreams of my tomorrow

The hurtful life dramas I trample below

Goodbye to sorrows of my yesterday

I am now moving forward and not breaking any way.

© 2022 Marian Lazadas

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