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Ode for Freedom

Is freedom just a balloon filled up with air?

An illusion, which was conjured up from the great somewhere,

When you reach for it does it disappear?

People die just for freedom, and they live just to be free,

The theory of liberty resounds everywhere.

But, what is freedom, and what does it mean to me?

Blood, sweat and tears all for freedom sake,

The pain of so many lives lost,

Oh how the heart does ache,

Are you truly committed to freedom’s sacred call?

Or do you mentally ascend that freedom is not for all,

Freedom is a lifestyle extended to everyone,

What will you do as an individual to enjoy freedom under the sun?

Do not let freedom be a word lodged in your vocabulary,

Utilize every effort to qualify its validity,

Put your brain to work, think next time you get the chance,

Ponder whether freedom is your own personal stance,

What is freedom, and what does it mean to me?

If I do not make any deposits towards it,

Am I really free?

Don’t let freedom dissipate in the whirlwinds of despair,

To be no more,

Grasp it while the storms are quiet and fury is not at your front door,

Collective freedom at the bargaining table,

Who ultimately decides, when, where, or why?

Let’s give freedom a try!

War, teetering economics and joblessness all on the rise,

Are these ills all the struggles to be free will ever comprise ?

Take a long look I encourage you,

Freedom is at stake!

There is no time to make another mistake,

Land of the free, home of the brave,

Yes, we all at some point rave!

Do not take freedom for granted, or let it lie dormant in you,

Do not let freedom sit injured, inside of an empty self,

Choose to repent to change your mind, adhere to created laws today!

And be free, live free, and freely live.

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