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Ode Poem

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Love in the Air


An Ode to Lovers

All those lovers

Who know nothing but love,

Spreading love showers

On everyone below or above;

Don't they get tired

Of love, compassion or devotion?

Has God especially hired

the lovers for every oblation?

They never think of advantage

or any sort of personal interest.

But are always ready with baggage

filled with intense love in the heart.

An Ode to Rain

Oh dear rain, do you too feel the pain,

When you come down on earth

Leaving the sky where you were born?

Do you too miss the place of your birth?

Though you will be back to your realm,

As vapour you will get back to your home,

Settling in the heavy clouds of the heaven,

Waiting for the call to fall again as rain.

Your arrival is a blessing for the earth

As you bring beauty of the nature,

Nourishing and quenching the thirst

You secure every livelihood's future.

Beauty in a Shape


Ode to Beauty

Who are you dear?

Are you an angel,

Or a damsel in cover,

Making the world sparkle?

I know you are just visual

And of course mortal,

Whose presence is provisional

It'll end after an interval.

Whether you're real or virtual,

I am blessed with your arrival,

And have preserved your portrayal,

To look after your withdrawal.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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