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After years of exploration, you finally
discover the machine. It's a ginormous
machine, with many parts, many gears.
There are a fixed number of points
on the body of the machine, and they
power the entire structure.
The machine is connected
to a brain — and whatever the brain
imagines, the machine makes it
(The machine can make anything that the brain
can think).
Each point on the body
of the machine expires after 80 years—
and the machine recycles
The machine is housed in a room, and outside
it's sunny, there are sunflower fields
that stretch for miles after miles; then they
connect to a pine forest.
After the pine forest — begins a mountainous
The room is an octagon, and it has
eight doors; one of these doors is always
open, and it leads to a place called
"deep space": it is a place where the Machine
stores created objects; it miniaturizes
them, and brings them to the size of an atom.
The machine then sends these objects
to the deep space.
The machine destroys these stored objects
after every six months.
The other doors in the room
are closed, and nobody has ever opened
The brain is endowed with
self~consciousness — and it has self-destroyed
itself several times. But each time
it has self-destroyed, the OCTAGON has
brought the machine back to life.
Each time the brain has self-destroyed, it
has felt excruciating pain.
Because of this, the brain has developed
hatred for the octagon.
The brain now wants to oust the octagon
from its position of power.
But you can not oust the room, as long
as you are in the room. To become
the room, you have to get outside
of the room.
And to get outside of the room, you have to open
one of the closed doors.
The doors are password~protected.
To get the password — the brain has made
a computer, and is running a brute-force
(ie., permutation combination) attack.
It will take 50 years for the program to complete.

I have opened an orphanage center
for stray cats. I do not know why I love
cats; but I can spend 50 years with
After fifty years, I shall go to heaven
with them.
In heaven, we shall be able to change our body,
as we change clothes.
There, I shall open a cloth factory, and
design clothes in innovative softwares.

'Love, whose perfect type is woman, divine
and human blending, love for ever
and ever and ever, wins
us onward, still ascending.'