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Prose: Oblivion

Darius is a former high school literary and feature writer that loves reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.


Those memories were like old tape records that played continuously. Every time I watch them, it picks up broken pieces and glues them all back together. Piece-by-piece, they come in waves.

First, was your soft touch,
And then your soothing voice,
And then, lastly, your wonderful eyes.

Oh, how could I have forgotten your eyes?

And then, your beating heart. The way you loved me all those years; the warmth of Summer and chills of Winter and the breeze of Spring and the beauty of Autumn. Each coming back and all weighed me down that made me come to the conclusion that I... I'm still in love with you.

And like a jigsaw puzzle, all seemed to fit. The shards that have been brought back almost completed the whole portrait, but one piece was missing — and even I couldn't find that missing piece. It might've been you; it might've been me. But that only tells us that, even if we live in a parallel universe, you and I will be nothing but oblivion to each other.

© 2019 Darius Razzle Paciente

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