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Even for ourselves, sometimes we'd rather kill the unknown than to grow from it. . .apart from it?


O Sea

Was it better for 'em to live or pass by the oceans scene

Seeing the ash-coloured redeeming stream of open rays; Sand.

The blue nest of sky, never reaching in-depth, though

The hue appeared emergent from the deep,

Natural comfort. Best of (unmatched) view, that victory's reach

Having no regard of the end though: more like mysteries propelled- your tinted window.

Were the rough-aged dreamt away, fallen to bottom for a change?

Would it describe the feeling it felt to pass up the oceans scene?

Nothing mattered, hesitant is meant as shadowy resources remained

Naught of this unseen, detour un-sea, or under.

© 2021 Courtney Grant