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O Eden

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O Eden

O Eden

Holy art thou O Eden,

In number as in name,

Thy sanctity adorned,

Thine waters running freely

With essence l’amore.

Their passions unabated

By structures made of hand,

But ‘ere thy portal passed,

Cometh manufacturing of dams.

Then set the laws of jealousy

Restricting girth and span,

Comprehending not

The law of Love, the dam

Rigidly decreeing:

Only woman for only man,

Only one love alone,

Or damnation to thy being!

Although thy flow

Be felled of level,

Thy source it be eternal.

Ever springing, concealed origin,

Purity unrelenting within,

Without, greedily hoarded.

Thy striations the very tissues

Of the cosmos of all being,

Microscope and machinations

Invented for the seeing of

Every whorl and undulation

An infinity of knowing, undiluted,

Yet beyond wall and source

Thine dignity polluted.

Within thy walls are waterfalls,

Free of hunger, strain or needing.

The Dao of every sprig of grass,

Defended elephantine.

Silently they grow aright,

No one thing offended

By speech or act or thought of one,

Unless divinely amended.

Foot and hand alone are grown

So thine intricacy be tended.

Strife and structure, law and mores

Rupture who from within the walls

Who would adventure out. The run

Of ease, but breeze within,

Becometh cloud and storm,

Hail and form,

As forces older than youth Itself

Strive, blasphemous, to fit love

To a norm.

Love is more than crux or dove,

Plucked and served up burnt

For the faithful, scourging self

And setting score as though

Love itself were wasteful.

Attempting love’s mitigation,

By circumstance and nature’s

Fateful duplicities? A sorcerous

illusion, too many centuries,

Spitefully stolen, categorically

Declaring fallen any

Love manifest, falling

Not within a cordon.

It be decried that love be tied

By knot or resolution, that keys

Be held by men of eld who

Demark love’s constitution.

But by light of stars that have

Lived and died traversing

The infinite expanse of love’s

Spiral dance, have communed

Bestial variety of love’s insatiate

Delighting, free of genus and of

Gender, love dictates that no

Two shapes nor place deflate

Its myriad contenders.

Rushing waves or glacier paved

And paced, singular its intention.

Though from nowhere born,

In two be torn ensuring

Right succession. Though its bonds

May broken be, ‘tis only thus

By necessity, lest stagnation become

Its only token. Eden’s sources,

Crystal clear, most gentle

And most forceful, defining

Self from hidden mouth,

Unhesitatingly independent.

Crusted are the ways of man

Who would lay on love his

Defining hand, a captain old,

Contemptuous, cold, bemoaning

Treasures lost, never found, resounding

Defeat denying sonar’s bottomless

Trench, sounding maps ever incomplete,

Encompassing a fraction infinitesimal,

Of Eden’s essence: love’s potential.

Waves knock against the hull,

Plastics, detergents, defiled the ocean,

His own efforts of creation

And of separation, monsters born

Mere simulations of Eden’s song

Of true elation.

By silt of Nile or Euphrates,

Constrain not love’s

Birthing Royal ecstasies!

Nourish the flushing cheeks

Of Children, partaking

In every poison of Eden’s donating!

Unction wayward wandering

Of curiosity’s wondering!

No plodding labours,

Nor suffering saviours

May be found upon thy planes

Of crystal dews and rocks unhewn,

Thy fruits of countless flavours.

The breadth of Thee

Crooked men not see,

Obsessed upon a single Tree,

As though upon thy soil

Some god could plant a foil.

They stamp upon thee

Symmetry, by artifice

Of moral geometry

As though add and subtract

Were the only acts of thy

Mathematical supremacy.

Set they without thy walls

A warden, fearful of the

One within, defining

Natural order as

Tangible sin. Stoppered

Up they prey and glut

Themselves upon true lovers,

Unknowingly deceived,

Ensuring higher loves

Are smothered.

Love’s port is not narrow

With straits surely mystical,

Neither weak be nor shallow,

Precipice or pinnacle,

Woe to the cynical,

Doubters who ridicule,

The sorrowful lie fallow.

Wicked, mellow, lustful,

Hallowed, these be keys

To Eden’s unstopped breezes

From North, South, the

East and West,

Blow Eden’s winds

Undressed upon the

Blessed revelry

Surging, writhing

No bliss amiss under

Guardian Eye and

Serpentine kiss.

O fail not of Eden’s

Wonders, thine successes

And thy blunders,

Equally holy in that land

Of love where complexities

Are rightly torn asunder.

© 2022 Oaksy