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O Dear_ Your Death

Expressing her Emotions with the help of words.This is also one of her emotions.

Death snatches him from us.

O dear,Your death

Your death dug a hole in my heart,

Opens the tap of tears in my eyes,

Mentally disturbs me.

O dear..

Your memories makes me cry,

Everything is on it's place, except you,

Snatched the nickname ,that you called.

O dear,your death

relieved you, from sorrows and worries of this world.

Grant you a better place to live ,then this world,in Heaven,

May your soul rest in peace.

O dear..


Unknown on July 12, 2021:


Maryam Fatima (author) from Pakistan on July 11, 2021:

W slam!Thanks dear.

manatita44 from london on July 11, 2021:

Commiserations, my friend. Either ways, your poem is touching and relevant for the current 'energy' of disease. Much Love. Salaam!

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