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Poem - Nurture for My Soul

Titia is interested in photography, poetry, family, art, dogs, cats, insects, wildlife, history, war, camping, writing, and the environment.

Nurture for My Soul

I like to combine my photography with my poetry.


This is - alas - what some people will see,
a hole as black as black can be,
but I looked closer deep down the hole
and saw some nurture for my soul.


I saw a web, fresh made at dawn,
when frost still covered winter's lawn.
The spider's waiting in the dark,
well hidden for the fluttering lark.


I saw a creek, in Autumn's golden gown,
bald-headed trees and reed turned orange brown.
The silence - it could almost be heard,
was broken by the song of a lonely bird.


I saw a mill which vanes were slowly turning
and to the past my heart was yearning,
when cars and planes were not around
and the tread of horses was a natural sound.


I saw a church in evening's sunset glows,
where faith in people's heart still grows.
I saw all that when I looked down the hole,
which seemed so black, but lightened up my soul.

© 2017 Titia Geertman

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