Nowhere: A Short Poem

Updated on February 20, 2019


Nowhere has died

The occupants died of starvation

The dogs was sent to the vet and euthanized

Our tree house was set on fire

No one survived

The moon that hung so perfectly over us fell

No light has touched the world we created

I can’t go back

Only two people have entered this world

A world that stood for my soul

For my hopes and dreams

Everything I could possibly want in my life

It was in Nowhere

You built the door to my dreams

It was our world

A world forged with what I thought was love

It was built with devoted friendship

A friendship like iron chains

So strongly linked we never thought about breaking

My acid heart caused me to rust

You still held strong and helped me wipe the salty tears off my edges

They rolled off my hollow cheeks as you held me

Your touch was invisible to anyone watching

The stupid smile you cut into my face hurt

Yet I lived for your kiss

For your hug

Even though I screamed and bled as your heart broke

I should’ve seen it

I shouldn’t have reacted so badly

You yourself never forced blood from your flesh

But I did

It caused your heart to break

All because my blade slipped from my hands and dug into your love for me

I never had loved anyone more than I had you

I overreacted

I’m bad

My veins pump acid

Each living moment was a vicious battle for air

Then you touched me

Your smile was that light

It made the demons and acid burn up

Your hand fit perfectly in mine as you pulled me towards you

I forgot the black hole existed when I was in your arms

Bliss couldn’t even describe it

I let it get to me

I let the blade stab us until we both lay on the cold ground dizzy

If you loved me you wouldn’t have let it get to you

But you didn’t love me

You never did

I was just a charity case


No that is not how it works

Just like you many others fell into my pain

They called it love as if it could be defined in any book

As if it was something that doesn’t die

As if they weren’t lying to me

I kill love

I bat my eyelashes like a innocent lost girl

And people fall in

They fall from thousands of miles away to just a few blocks down

We both fall together

Eventually the ground will rush up

Neither knows who will hit it first

Who will shatter into more pieces then there are happy moments we shared in each others arms

This is how it ends

In lies

I am not innocent

If you dare to look me in eyes

Look with your eyes half closed

I was never the one to deceive

But my head pulls tricks that not even I know how to stop

I never meant for this to happen

Nowhere is best left dead

I don’t have the courage to go back

© 2019 Austin Koeckeritz


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