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Now You Can Kiss the Bride

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction

Now you can kiss the bride


Now you can kiss the bride

Now you can kiss the bride
The old word has not changed
But all the concepts have changed
So what does it mean? right Now
Do you think we did not kiss the girl?
Or do you know, but this habit
Humans transcend borders
Why does a man not be patient?
To be accepted as a gift for marriage
Why do not the girl lead him?
Or are pre-approved for divorce
This is why marriage does not last long
For this the judge must
Change the sentence and say
Now you can kiss the bride for the thousandth time
Or. Now you can divorce the bride
Is it sin that corrupts marriage
And why we rush to physical relationships
And where the so-called love between them
right Now . You can change the page

© 2018 tabouche amin