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Now, I feel free

I am a graphic designer by profession and loves to read and write in my free time. I have a keen interest in writing poetries.


Now that I think about it hard enough,
I was never in love with you before,
It was all just a mere attraction,
Not a love, not for me and not for you at all.

Now that I think about it more often,
You never cared for me that much.
It was all about you and not about me,
How can I fall for you then.

Now that I think about you and our love,
All I see is Me,
You were never there when I needed you,
It was all just a mere fantasy.

Now that I am thinking about it now,
I feel free,
Free from any obligation to love you forever,
Because now I know that all those years I lied to me.

© 2022 Parul Rawat

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