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Now I Can go in Peace

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


YRCC sings "Go Now in Peace"

According to the sayings of the people

Of the island that when one marries early

One would stop procreating early provided

One marries one wife. Thus, one

Would be able to cater for one’s children and

Would eat of the venison of one’s children early.

And if one belongs to the group of those who

Would live long, one would see one’s great

Grandchildren before one leaves the world.

This saying among the natives of his island

Which he heard when he was in his early “teens”

Has been resonating in his mind since then.

He endures the phases passed through and

Got married when he was twenty-five years old,

But things neither turn out the way he

Has thought nor according to the saying which

Had resonated in his mind for long because he

And his wife were unable to have children.

Because he has determined not to marry

More than a wife as long as his wife

Is alive, he did not listen to the counsels

Of other people that he should take another

Wife. When he was fifty-five years old

What he and his wife had been expecting

Happened as his wife takes in, and gives

Birth to a baby boy. He and his wife have

Been working and waiting for that period, they

Candice Accola - Go in Peace

Thence their son qualitative education in

All facets. The son keeps growing, making

Glad the hearts of his parents, but he has

Not brought home a lady once either as

Girlf or fiancée his mother talked to him about

This but what he told her was that she should be

Patient with him. Five years ago his mother

Died and people have been speculating that his

Mother died because of the psychological trauma

She has been having for not knowing her

Son’s girlf neither fiancée nor even known a

Lady associated with him. His father is now

Ninety-five years old he is also desirous of

Seeing his son’s children before he dies but he

Has not even known a lady with him let alone

Think nor talk about seeing his children.

When he was 100 years old the son brings

Home his fiancée and they got married. A year

Later she gives birth to a baby boy. At the

Venue of the child’s christening the father

Says to the people that this is the period he

Has been waiting for, for he has been

Fighting with death all these years and has

Been holding up his life because he desires

To see his son’s child. Now that he has

Seen his son’s child, he can now leave the

World in peace he said to all. The people

Were moved by his words. After this,

The man’s son gave birth to two other children

Before the man gives up the ghost….