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Now Get It?

Rhylee Suyom has hopped in three different worlds: the academe, the corporate, and the media. He enjoys being with nature and his family.



You don’t know autism.

You're a slave of schisms

Give 'em all the kisses

Give 'em all the praises

They stood up before time

For your agency and mine

Drop all your titles

They’re simply the greatest

Fought in the front lines

Heavenly win against crimes

Right before you know it

Before sin became a habit

So you can all be living

Breathing, loving, learning

Heroes from the beginning

Their stories never ending

So wrap your pity, no need

No sin, no scars, no greed

Tell the world all next of kin

This is the real story of autism!

- Phantom Rider/ June 6 ‘21/Bamban

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