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Nothing to Hold Onto

Rohan is a passionate writer who seeks to spread the love of literature in every way possible.


All the doubts in my mind
All the pain and suffering
All in your service
All filled with pleasure
Nothing makes sense
Everything is the way it should be.

Everything is normal and abnormal.

Everything is normal and abnormal.

In a dark room of tears
Was once a benefactor
Saying prayers for
Your welfare.

Where you are
I cannot come
I yearn for
The days of unity
And love.

Loss is a heavy burden to bear.

Loss is a heavy burden to bear.

You were all I had
You are all I've got
You are my vision
Of the future
Your home
My dream castle
This love
My bastion
Your vanity
My guiding light
Your mediocrity

My excellence.

For many in the world, loss is a painful part of reality. They grapple with it day and night, unable to sleep, unable to eat, and unable to move on with life.

As often happens, the true value of a person is known only after he or she has moved on into eternity. Eternity is a person's final resting place. It is also the keeper of the most secrets: secrets that are carried by people to their graves and which will never be uncovered.

We plan our lives based on the people around us and the relationships we have. In life, it pays to be an optimist. Pessimists die before their time.

Death, however, undoes everything that one ever worked toward. It comes an unwelcome visitor and rampages through the garden of life.

It pays to be an optimist.

It pays to be an optimist.

It breaks bonds and leaves us in the lurch wondering what just hit us. Death is a well-known fact of existence that always manages to catch us by surprise.

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