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Nothing Wrong At All

There’s nothing wrong with nice things
Nothing wrong at all
Whether it’s a gift
Or something you bought last Fall
No there’s nothing wrong
With a tea cup or a shawl
If it makes you feel nice
That’s the best thing of all

There’s nothing wrong with a free mind
Nothing wrong at all
Whether it’s an education
Or something became your call
No there’s nothing wrong
You don’t have to feel small
But lying to yourself about it
Is not how to make yourself feel tall

There’s nothing wrong with a tear
Nothing wrong at all
Maybe they don’t understand
It’s your life after all
No there’s nothing wrong
I might have learned that from Paul
The Romans are all around
I wonder if it’s my destiny to fall

There’s nothing wrong with doubt
Nothing wrong at all
Too many people are talking
Even the rock denied what he saw
No there’s nothing wrong
A command I seem to recall
I’m to pray in a closet
But my kingdom is only a blank wall

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