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Nothing Surprises Me


Nothing Surprises Me

Nothing surprises me.

Not anymore,

Silly world happenings,

Not even war.

Nothing surprises me.

What today brings.

Cause the older I get,

Seen everything.

Nothing surprises me.

What life will send,

Hang on to family,

Cherish your friends.

Nothing surprises me.

The world is sad,

Watch out for the wicked.

Know what is bad.


Nothing surprises me.

The things we do,

Searching for the answers,

We find so few.

Nothing surprises me.

Politics gone,

With leaders corrupted,

What could be wrong?

Nothing surprises me.

Live day to day.

With high prices insane.

Try the old ways.

Nothing surprises me.

Spacemen could land,

With green little creatures,

Waving their hand.

Creative Tricks are Everywhere

I don’t always take part in these exercises to inspire creativity, but I always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment once I complete a task. A special thanks goes out to Brenda Arledge for coming up with these writing prompts and for sharing her own masterpieces with us at Hubpages.

Writing has always been my comfort spot. To create a poem or short story that others enjoy makes me happy. I have tried many kinds of writing projects. And I have started a book length story or two, which never really left the comfort of my desk. During the pandemic of 2020, I managed to put together four small poetry books and published them. Gave away many more than I ever sold, but at least I got the audience I was looking for.

Creative tricks are everywhere. Fan fiction helps a great deal to inspire creative juices. Write another episode of my favorite shows and I find myself wondering what the character is going to do next.

Poetry seems to come the easiest for me. Everything goes. Throw grammar to the wind and just write whatever comes to mind.

Emotions send the thoughts adrift and with every word a new way of thinking can bring another reason just to write it down. Journals are essential tools to gather thoughts and our memories are cherished forever for not only ourselves but for our loved ones long after we are gone.

This is the back cover of one of my books.

This is the back cover of one of my books.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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