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Nothing More Than A Passing Fancy, Not Meant To Last Long

Emee.chan believes life is full of short-lived crushes on people too perfect for mere mortals.





A Passing Infatuation

Black hair, fair skin,
Black eyes glinting behind
Your glasses, you were just
A passing infatuation.

Tall figure, slender and graceful,
You made heads turn, or at least
Mine did, you were just
A passing infatuation.

You had a gentle disposition,
A nice smile decorating your face,
Nothing on you out of place, you were
Just a passing infatuation.

Successful, smart, ambitious, humble,
Proud of all your accomplishments,
But never shoving them in anyone's face,
You were just a passing infatuation.

Every guy should have
Aspired to be like you,
Every girl should have prayed for
A boyfriend or a husband like you.

You appeared perfect in every way,
Almost too perfect.
You were something unreachable
And untouchable.

You were out of my league,
I'm not as perfect and flawless as you.
I would only bring you down
And that's something I don't want.

It's okay though, I've come to terms
With these facts a long time ago.
Luckily for my heart, a passing
Infatuation you were from the start.



© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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