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Nothing Gets Done If You Don't Do It

Nobody Else Can Do What You Want To Do

I often have many ideas

Big dreams so much larger than life

I find where life and dreams constantly smash

They don't shake hands

Greet each other like long lost relatives

Who haven't seen each other for years

Who run into each others arms

For the biggest and warmest hello hug

Instead they tear at each other like two wild, hungry, stray dogs

Who are fighting for the same piece of meat

Where only one can possible win

The strongest or the smartest will walk away with the prize

I have fought this idea in my head

Thinking this can't be

Shouldn't it be like old friends from grade school

Who grew up together for years and then their paths went different directions

Their personal twists and turns made each person different and yet smarter

Until one day they see each other again

All they want to do is play catch up

Connect with the wonderful years and tears that they had

When they bonded as friends

Then add in the new

Each person has grown in their own way

At one time they were inseparable

Only to see life is not lost but gained

Both had to go and seek their own destiny

Only to learn one day they will find out

Many things they still have in common

Much like a marriage in reverse

In a marriage you meet to as two separate people

Who have already established rules and boundaries

Of what you like and don't like

Things you love and want more of

Things you will not put up with at any cost

Then there is a whole lot of grey area

Where you are willing to let someone into your life

Accept them as they are

Let them accept you as you are

The good and the bad

Knowing there is far more good than bad

The struggles will create the biggest triumphs

The sadness will be washed away with goodness and kindness

The wonderful blend of two people can create a family

Children who will share the great values that both share

There will be many changes in this relationship

That will test your strengths as well as your weaknesses

It will push you to the brink of success and the edge of disaster

You will watch many marriages break apart

Some marriages you thought were doomed

Find a way to hang on

Hold on

There is something worth saving

They start there and keep struggling to make things better

Don't know if they will ever be exactly right

Other marriages or relationships were destined to fail

No matter how hard they tried

What they had and wanted was far different

There was no more room for compromise

Giving up hope and all reasoning and common sense

That we can do this together

They are not willing even to try

Instead we are better apart and have to get as far away from each other as possible

Take all their losses and begin again

Is it a shame?

Was there time together a waste of time?

I don't think so

I think they just outgrew each other

What they once fought so hard for

Was lost and couldn't be found again

The only way was to move on

Start fresh and begin at sometimes rock bottom

In the end, they will have learned more about themselves

Then about the people they love

So as I wrap up one more exciting mystery I find in my life

I am one of the fortunate ones

I see blue skies and full steam ahead

Any rocky weather made us batten down the hatches

Best of all hunker in together

Now we are willing to appreciate

The beauty of life we both imagine

Wait I see some fog coming in fast

Should we change direction or keep going forward

This is a decision we will make together

Finding our way through this

It may be just a little or so much more

To soon to tell

I think it is passing as the morning is beginning

Steady. steady

Things are o,k,

We shall go slow

The waves are picking up slightly

A little choppy but nothing we haven't seen before

I am a bit bothered

What I thought we both understood and didn't have to even mention

If one of us is feeling a wee bit down

The other person will try their best to pick them up

We need good clear communication

We have to know what to expect and keep looking at our compass

Lots of planning make things easier

We have to map a new course

Agree that the fog hasn't lifted yet

This could take a while

Be safe and find calmer waters

Get more rest

A set of fresh eyes

Give us so much pleasure and satisfaction

That we can hold hands

Reach out when we are not sure

Only to come up with the best decisions of our life

Happiness is best felt

When two bodies are so much like two candles burning bright

That over time melt into one

In the same light

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