Nothing Can Break Her!

Updated on October 6, 2017
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Anju is a literature student who is trying to making her way out through her poems..

nothing can break her
nothing can break her | Source

With her hair hanging over in a pool of tears,

She faces them alone all her fears.

She stood there trembling from head to toe,

She trusted him never thought he'd stoop so low.

Finally she decided not to be pushed around anymore,

Her self pity turned into rage with her wounds no longer sore.

She resented fate said she never got what she deserved,

All she ever wanted was for justice to be served.

She wouldn't let her kindness go in vain,

The traitor who traited had to feel pain.

Alone in the dark, the song of death, she sings,

For death shall come to the one who broke her wings


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      Sisisa 5 months ago

      Great page can you translate this to Chinese also???

    • Anu sharmaa profile image

      Anju Sharma 5 months ago from Delhi

      Thank you

    • profile image

      charles 5 months ago

      nice one :)