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Note to Zee Kay


Respect and appreciation for who you are as an individual,

lends to the pain of the past,

Righteous indignation is attached to anger over not being treated correctly

because it can't be corrected as the past but as a memory,

There is really nothing we can contribute to all the tragedy and trauma

but thought, unless violence is chosen,

The present is always the now, but it flees swiftly,

The children are the present to be taught well;

to be allowed to lead their own way,

To develop into what maturity defines for them,

The past is a ghost with a voice of sorrow

its haunting's will not cease,

Until respect for life has been acknowledged to the point of resolve

life will continue to be ignored along with the issues,

(Proverbs 4:23) Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Diligence advises, with all the relentless determination you can muster up

regardless of all opposition,

The young people in this generation can do it, but retrospect avers

it wasn't something the past generations could do,

But we feel their sorrows, and their ghosts will rest

if we can understand and not ignore issues,

Moreover, instead answer them for ourselves.

Zakiya, I am elated that you are enjoying your journey,

after being taught well to lead your own way, and to allow the beauty within to outshine all else.


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