Not Your Girl Next Door!

Updated on December 19, 2017

Not your girl next door!

Not your girl next door!

I'm a girl, far away from the stereotype.

Breaking the odds, and calling it my life.

I bleed, I break, I walk, I rest

Thank god, I'm living it my way!

People will judge, and even I do.

But not on their way of living though.

I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't abuse.

Not because I'm a girl, but because I don't wish to.

I've my own low points, high points and achievements to show.

Not like a damsel in distress,but like every ordinary person do.

I wear rugged jeans, not because I consider salwar an issue.

But it makes me look better though.

I believe in God, but not in starving for food.

I like to cook, but it's not my duty though.

I like protection, but not the cage.

I preach for love, not for the baggage tho.

I understand it's difficult to adopt the change,

But see I "understand", but you're not even capable of doing so.

I don't have issues with male, but with the chauvinism though.

I definitely support feminism, but I'm not a feminazi though.

I'm a girl, far away from the stereotype.

© 2017 Niharika Dutt


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      Arsh Dutta 3 months ago

      Well written! Tell me a lot about the author. You’ll go places, Niharika.