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Not My Head, Not My Soul.

Mr isaiah Ebhodaghe is from Nigeria, he is poet and author of Seven books; The fearless kingdom, the fortunate wedding, Where is the Child.


Not my head, not my soul.

Not my end not

my time, cries of the

beaten under the grave.

Who will stop their tears? They

should but failed to see the

mighty stone before them.

Hands of destruction ,wager of darkness

causes tears to flow without end.

I will not sleep before my time nor

mourn when am to rejoices.

Helpless they cried they cried, they cried

but no vengeance now to safe.

The throwers has gone, has gone has

gone, freely they move, they move, they move.

But the death no more,crying endless in the grave.

I will not sleep before my time

nor will someone or something

forces me to sleep. I will sleep

the day and time my creator

want me to sleep.