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Not More Than a Minute


My heart sank

Down to the abyss of a cold corner in my soul

It had been stabbed by your words...

Dumbfounded by the realization that you too, thought I was not

worth more than a quick minute

The thought that I am not worth to you... a cheap two hour screen getaway, a mediocre taste of the palate, or a free stroll next to some calm waves

broke me

Gave me chills of sadness, makes me want to just love and rejoice in my sweet solitude... it at least caresses my sorrow

How wrenching the thought that , you too could be like all the other boys

My heart sank, but yet it floats

I know I am worth more than anything you could ever give me

I am worth more than my own weight in gold

Its just sometimes hard navigating this world alone


Barbara (author) from Miami, Fl on October 10, 2018:

Thank you Tim ! Kind words , very much appreciated. Spot on interpretation. Thank you once again

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on October 09, 2018:

I enjoyed your poem. You described intense emotion with the skill of a surgeon, striving to make the pain better after the cut.

I love this transitional line:

"My heart sank, but yet it floats"

The narrator heart floats because she recognize that she will heal from this ordeal. In fact, the boy was a medication providing strength for the narrator because she confesses, her greatest sickness is loneliness, an affliction that we all have felt.

Great work.

Much respect and admiration,


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