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Not The Dust Again

Did you change my same place?
I suppose I don’t have to start there
Sounds like a rule I learned in school
About twenty days after my birthday

I have no darkness to illuminate
No light to opaque, at least no brush
I don’t set out my body to get wet
But if it rains, I’ll tell you someday

They won’t stop to read my arm
There’s no ink on my back either
They’ll wonder who was my mother
My still eye’s won’t know what to say

I don’t mind waiting for the plaque
I’m not going anywhere you can’t find
You said goodbye, now you must cry
I’m as close as how often you pray

I’m not museum piece, just the dust
I’m not the outlaw that makes you cough
The only thing left, a line that was a ring
Please, don’t wipe the past clean today

I won’t ask an angel to say hello
A dream is what they can let me do
I left, your heart suffered the theft
I’m not joking, a bird can only fly away

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