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Not Over for the Living

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


His mother was heavy with

His pregnancy when she

Migrated with her husband

Out of the island.

Though both were natives

Of the island. At the

Other island they migrated to

Things changed positively for

Them there. And they became

Rich. When the man was

Getting old he took his

Wife and they return

To their island selling off

Their properties which they

Could not carry along.

Two months after returning

To their island, the man

Died. The man and his wife

Were like twins, inseparable,

Three days after the burial

Of the man, the wife also

Died. They had no other

Children apart from the

Young man. He thence

Inherited all their properties

And started flourishing in the

Land. he got married to

One of the maidens in the land

And had seven children,

Five males and two females

Though rich, his moral values

Were unparalleled among his

Peers and that is how he

Is bringing up his children

Two of his children the

First child who is male

And the sixth child who

Is a female took ill and

Their sickness grew worse

They started taking them to

Different healing places and

Thereby could not monitor

His business as he ought to

Again. Those he puts in

Charge of the business he

Later discovered are not

Trustworthy people, but it was

Lately he discovered that

If he relieves them off

Their duties how would he

Get money to treat his children

And maintain his family

He reasoned and thus decides

To leave them till their

Children recover from their

Illnesses. He loves his children

Dearly and his concern is

On his children’s health.

Life is more than money

Or wealth he would say


But things would not

Improve for those children

As they eventually died. After

Their death he returns

To work, and then discovers

That his staff have ran

The business aground and have

Used his properties to

Take loans from different

Lending houses. He was sad

To discover this

And was thinking of how to

Bring the business back when

The lending bodies confiscated

His properties and he was

Forced out of his properties

He started living with a

Friend but the friend would

Not allow him and his family

To live long with him before

Chasing them out of his house

He moved to one of his

In-laws apartment with his

Children and was expecting a change

For they took the matter

To the court, but the court case

Is pussyfooting. He though

Believed there would be change

If not through the means he

Expected through other means

He started working for his

In-Law because he does not

Want his wife and children

To suffer. The little money

He was earning they

Were saving from it

Through that they were able

To start another business

Which the wife was managing

By the third year of the establishment

Of the new business, they

Have heard enough capital

To extend the business

This was done and as the numbers

Of customers were increasing

He has to resign from his

In-law’s works to join his

Wife in growing their business

Now their business has

Become a household name in

The island. He invested in some

Other businesses and since

His children have now grown

He puts them in charge of those

When he was eighty years old

It was stated by the world Record

That he was among the most

Influential people in the world

While looking back to what he

Passed through he said,

It is only the dead

That it is all over for

But for the living

There is always hope for them


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