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Not Now I Will Wait For Later


Haven't We All Been There One Time Or Another ?

Things we put off

Because we believe we don't have the energy or the time

Could it be because we just don't want to do it?

There will never be a perfect time

So we play silly games with our mind

Telling ourselves I really wanted to do it

Meanwhile, the real truth is

I just am not going to

Everything I say is just an excuse

One big white lie

We don't mean to do it

But we do it anyway

So think long and hard next time we don't have the time

Why not put our mind at ease

Just come out and say it out loud

I am not going to do it

Then maybe the guilt will leave

Surprising enough you might just have a change of mind

Realizing what you didn't and wouldn't do before

Because you felt pressured and a strong responsibility to do

Now you have no reason to even think of

You might just decide to do

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