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Not For Riches


The greatest times of our life
When we first met
When our children were laughing
What is so wrong to ask for those times always

These are not riches our Lord
It is only asking for life
To extend it as far as we can
Until we meet again under an angels wings

Why can’t we run to each other
Happy to be alive and in love
Without worry of illness or sudden death
Living an honest life listening to church bells ring

Where we live is too real Lord
We ignore the truth far too easily
We toast the future and beg for mercy
When we bury our dead we can only look to you

Listen to us now please as we pray
Our kindest friends fight for their lives
The powerful among us seem to live forever
Why is it that you test the faithful the most?

Our memories are a blessing and a curse
We long for our youth or love at first sight
To be wise is to listen to the years
Are their echoes the only things that last?

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