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Not Every Day Is Wonderful

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It Can Be Rocky And Difficult

Even if the day starts out perfect

Where everything should and could go great

When two people are enjoying an extra day off

Any other time they would be busy at work

Sometimes all you can dream of is your next day off

So here it is

Unexpected and it could be so good

You have eight hours of fun and relaxation

If you choose

If you want to clean and do a few more things around the house

Then that is cool too

Maybe a mix of work and play

To make this a special day

What happens if one person gets upset

Then keeps talking about nothing

Clearly, it is something that bothers someone so much

Because there would be a pause

The slightest mishap would be easily forgotten

What is it that makes people mad?

What makes them lose their temper?

At the expense of someone else

Is it they don't think?

They don't care?

Things sometimes come up that aren't pleasant

There is no need to let it spoil all the good

Some people don't see it as a choice

I want to make the most of my time

If I am at work or at home

I dismiss the little problems and call them hiccups on the highway of life

They come and go

Unexpected and come at the strangest times

They are a pain

They will go away

Once they're gone

All is forgotten

One day they might come back again

Then we will experience this feeling once again

It is up to you to decide

Hiccups will visit everyone at some time

If you make the best of it

You can look back and laugh

Don't let it bother you

It is only a small insignificant part of your day

There is so much more to see

So next time it happens

Look around you

Enjoy not only what you have

But what you have always had

An incredible life

So different than anyone else

Not the same as anyone in the world