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Nostalgic Memories

I'm currently a university student studying business, with a passion for reading, writing and everything literature!


I've always found the concept of nostalgia to be a rather interesting one. Experts often say that it is self-deceptive, that in looking back at the past we tend to idealise it and often have a distorted view of what took place.

In a way, nostalgia is like a pair of rose-coloured glasses that leads us to believe that the past times were indeed the best.

This poem is my take on dealing with past memories and the feeling of nostalgia.

Nostalgic Memories

In a painfully slow


The darkest of times

Do go by,

The darkest of

Days and hours and minutes,

They dance and crawl

And dance

Through the sky —

They dance

As tranquil as

A child in sleep,

As tender as a

Blossoming cup of

Morning tea,

As acrid as

A tisane of

One’s past

And one’s present,

The passed

And the unpleasant —

The darkest of times are often

The scum on the tea,

The people and things

One does not want to see,

The people and things

One does not want to be,

The people and things

One has left behind,

To better times

And to sweeter sunshines —

One day

A bundle of nostalgia

Arrived at my doorstep —

Wrapped in a lovely

Aromatic candle,

It glowed with

All the wonder of

Sunset and sunrise,

And stood there

Under the guise

Of an invaluably precious

Prize —

I touched it

And was transported to a

World of warmly candied days

And richly glazed nights,

A world where the air

Was honeyed and

Time was a delight —

And yet, I refused

This prize

As I recalled

This advice

From a woman who was clever

And dearly wise —

Nostalgia is not to be trusted,

A mechanism of self-deception,

Some may call it —

For the past is the past and has passed

For a reason,

But the present —

The present is a gift

That is ours to


© 2020 Shreya Venkat

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