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Kari thinks life is a miraculous thing. As we get older we get smarter, and find out how little we know. An oxymoron? Maybe.

Have you ever missed the way things were?

Have you ever missed the way things were?

“how sad and bad and mad it was - but then, how it was sweet.”

— Robert Browning

Milkman got glass bottles,

making the milk box clink

Out on the stoop.

Wakes me in a blink.

I want dinner,

so I’m going to the butcher.

Getting me a roast,

for the slow-cooker.

8-track playing,

speakers in the trunk.

Lynard Skynard

and all that junk.

This show sucks,

someone change the channel.

Get up yourself

(wish we had cable).

Mama says I need

to be home for dinner.

I make it just in time,

With my new shiner.

Having a good time

drinking soda pop,

Spinning bottle caps

and making one hop.

I need to get that coffee,

I can almost reach.

“Can you hang on?

The cord won’t stretch.”

Driving in my car,

wondering why

they bother to put

seat-belts inside.

I wonder how my

pictures look.

In two weeks

I’ll find out

Gotta call my friend,

but I hate their number.

3 freaking zero’s means

dialing takes forever.

A dial telephone

A dial telephone

Must be midnight.

Nothing's on the tube.

Just that color bar

And the white noise.

Kitchen sink’s stopped up,

need to find a plumber.

Looking through the phone book

to get me a number.

Can you stop home?

Gotta make a call.

There is no public phone

in sight at all.

I wonder how my

pictures look.

In two weeks

I’ll find out.

“Have you ever wondered how nostalgia isn't what it used to be?”

— Jasper Fforde in “First Among Sequels”

© 2020 Kari Poulsen

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