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North Star


I fell into oblivion, unaware that the ground which I walked on would be pulled out from under my feet without a moments notice.

Faint whispers of what was turned into high pitched screams of what would be once I turned around to face the music that I unknowingly orchestrated.

The sun went down so quickly that my eyes were not able to adjust to the darkness that came from the lunar face of a moon child's gaze, enigmaic and enchanting.

The tides shifted and the wolves began to howl, forcing me to endure the night owl's hoot while looking for the light in a starless sky that mirrored the blackest ocean.

Brought to my knees by the devil's gravity, I screamed and sobbed and begged for salvation. It was then that I saw one single star appear in the sky, luminous and radiant.

This bright cosmic hero had come to my rescue. Answering a prayer that I figured would go unheard, and illuminating a dignified path that I do my best to walk on each and every day.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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