Updated on November 30, 2017

Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe one

— Ryan Cornelius


It's the best time of the year.
The streets are filled with cheer.
Streets all across the United States.
But New York is the most popular place.
The streets are covered with snow.
Kids are playing in the snow.
While Santa listens to the children.
Tell him their Christmas wishes
ROSE COLLINS is out shopping.
Getting gifts for those stockings.
Before she reaches home.
She stops by the nursing home.
Where her mother is a patient.
But she's not really respondent.
She talks to the doctor briefly.
Shares a word before leaving.
Couple NINA and MIKE.
A young couple that's thinking twice.
Thinking twice about their relationship.
Because Mike is extremely jealous.
Rose gets back to life.
Then hears some needed advice.
Advice that she surely will use.
Rose decides to do.
She decides to invest in herself.
Going on a date with someone else.
Mike drops Nina off to work.
Seeing she is a flirt.
That extreme jealousy he has.
Is seen when she hugs another man.
He goes to a local shop.
Meets and sits with another cop.
Then sees ARTIE staring at him.
Mike wants to know what's with him.
There is a young man named JULES.
Who injures himself to go to.
A Party in the emergency room.
During his childhood, that is all hed do.
Later, Rose is on her date.
They have dinner at a place.
Rose finds why he has no girlfriend.
The date comes to a sudden end.
Mike comes home to see.
Nina at home hugging.
Hugging another man.
He begins to misunderstand.
Misunderstands who he really is.
He overreacts like a jealous kid.
Nina ends up leaving.
Mike is very angry.
Calling all around.
Seeing Artie waiting around.
Nina is at Roses party.
Rose sees her crying.
Crying about her fiance.
While Rose tries to run away.
Run away from the party.
Nina ends up joining.
They go to a place that's really nice.
Nina reveals how she loves mike.
Artie and Mike have a discussion.
In the midst of the discussion.
Artie reveals who he is.
Mike doesn't understand it.
Nina comes by to visit.
They have a heart to heart.
She explains that Mike must start.
To let go a little bit.
If he wants this relationship.
Mike finds Artie outside.
Artie almost died.
Rose talks about Christmas.
She reveals her child died on Christmas.
Jules goes to a man.
That he's told breaks hands.
Rose goes to sit with her mother.
Still experiencing the struggle.
Jules gets his hand broken.
In the emergency room is hoping.
Hoping they will have a party.
While mike sits there waiting for Artie.
Rose is out on a ledge.
She sees Charlie on the ledge.
The two conversate.
Then agree to have a small date.
Mike really finds who Artie is.
Then sticks around with him.
Rose and Charlie get closer.
In the beginning stages of being together.
The doctor finds that Jules broken hand.
Was caused because of his demand.
He goes on a rampage.
Because no party will be on the way.
Mike finds that Artie's wife died.
He acts like she's alive.
Saying sorry each chance he gets.
Because he never was able to do it.
Charlie tells Rose information.
Rose gets angry about it.
Jules reveals his tragic past.
Decides to call his mother again.
Artie thinks Mike is his wife.
Mike plays the role of his wife.
Mike confronts Nina.
Intending to be her savior.
Rose finds out the truth about Charlie.
While Nina reveals that they're having a baby.
Rose is again dating.
There find miracles on Christmas Morning.

Susan Sarandon
Rose Collins
Paul Walker
Penelape Cruz
Alan Arki
Marcus Thomas

Chazz Palminiteri


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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