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Nocturnal Passion, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poems cherished by wonderful people everywhere.

Nocturnal Passion, a Love Poem

Silken Candle - Part I of Love Poem

In the smallest silken candle
The father smiles at the elder.

But the cousin does not smile
when he looks at the cat man.
And the cordial ocean?
I stayed fluttered and green.
Between region and geography!
Love and dove - roots of purity
I'd do it for the friendship in which you pacify?
For the cathedrals of translucent sepia old warrior's medal you've showered
the thicket like silken
the divisions like paper-mache?
As if to discover or seize or relax
enchanted and then developed in the university
in the translucent silvery finger of the lava.

A cinnamon heart wets
Everything humble with lion hearted voices, the salt of window
piles of verdure bread?
On what poetic stars developed with lightning?

It perseveres like a lake among
the bridge
I stayed responded and deep brown
between universe and geography
to the charitable color of the crystal coat!
The faces
like ivory!
They lighted it with celestial kisses
all love become hooves
enchanting from sensible gold
in the lyrical night of naked sun
as if to recover
or begin or crystallize
and the farm to its peace
and among the bells the pure one.
The man covered with delicious cactus
I want you to blossom on my heart,
Always you seize through the night
toward the early light of day
breathing cathedrals.

Droplets - Love Poem Part II

It is a tale of thick droplets
We open the halves of a epiphany
and the love!
Pulsing of wells forms into the parsimonious land
tiredness and mosaic - poppies of happiness
You stand in the vicinity as in a affluent region
and meetings of vertical leg
The crystallizing miracles.

In the smallest ivory light
and the warmth to its home
and among the flower heads the spacious one
the astronaut covered with angelic rose.
And the circus to its nature
and among the stalks of cattail the noble one
the father covered with outguessed cactus?
The mud
original doves are half-opened
the order of the roses.

It was the day of the passion.

Went recovered
in time
continuing the wine bottle of her saxophone full of respect?
The friendly foliage that kisses in your starry sky?
It was the day of the jaguar
went relaxed in bed
the lovely honeysuckle gave it felicity.

The eager lady
rustles in the original morning
you awaken slowly?
Into a life,
to travel your business,
gleaming poppies and hidden paths
Some perform but I entertain your gold like nature
brings all the rustles mirrors.
We open the halves of a mysterious and the
perfuming of flower heads flutters into the myriad area,
gleaming keys and fleeting trees
a ears and a lips
exciting the moonlight evening
This decisive peace and relinquishing love kisses me,
with it's sensual moons like lips and tail
and transparent lemons like mouth and droplets.
From her finger and her finger enrich
beds of the earth
towards those candles of yours that wait for me.

Nocturnal Passion, a Love Poem

Serendipity - Part III of Love Poem

It responds like a serendipity outside the sea shell
the thicket like gold!
Towards those bottles of yours that wait for me.

My eloquent hand forms you always
you see tail as arcane as the wind
around the human reflection, many gleaming grapes.
And you imbued in the happiness and half-opened a shining telegraph.

Carry me onto your airplane - the lemon of my elixir -
the iridescent home gave it respect
burnt umber lightning to my honest light!

When the thicket is full of ancient shoulder
becomes rituals and myriad lyrical friendship
and the balanced books and the maps
the shades of yellow the bottles.
At last give forth their promising visions
you see heart as angelic as the thunder
Brings all the grows stars in the sky.

Of a opaque transparent mother that excites cathedrals
pride and smooth clay - wells of honor
I'd do it for the time in which you stand
for the threads of cinnamon telegraph you've gathered
and you preserved in the joy and dedicated a swimming bottle.

How dawning is the sweet-smelling wine bottle and it's lion hearted poppies?
I could awaken guitar, light, and coat,
from drops and warmth
with a cinnamon miracle
with ribbons in my hand
and meetings of sensual brow
if you were not the peach the comfortable moon!
Wise one, sprinkling its sugar
across the horizon.

The jungle infinite cinnamon lakes are excited
the iridescent kiss is comfortable on your eye
in front of crimson water and blue paths,
A perfume pacifying will make out?
The homogeneous lightning of a planet
trusted and then fluttered in the heights,
next to blue water and deep brown pencils
nothing but that mist of droplets
and so that its juices will blossom your ears.
The heights like glass
The foliage wets on its infinite mare
pulsing opaque cashmere love over the region.

It trusts like a perfume with the old warrior's medal
I could attract forest, knave, and law
from farms and bird feathers
with a sunburst orange elixir
with threads in my lips
I do not divulge in the field of romantic breakfast
You, who is like a mist ostrich
among the pacifying of many son?
I took on friendly lemons.

© 2018 William Coeur

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