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Nobody is Getting My Love

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Heart Under Bondage

Heart Under Bondage

I am going to live like the world belongs to me

With my heart rocking in my chest to the piano key

My wallet is not going to see chocolate and red roses

But I will be kissing new lips every night sleeping in different bed in different houses

Many beautiful faces are going to miss my scent

When I don’t call back and gone hunting in Africa, pitching up tents

Yes, I know I am a love magnet

Born devilishly handsome, with this permanent face lift

Don’t cry now baby, look how your mascara runs

You see this tattoo across my chest? It says “smoking gun”

I don’t go to football matches and kiss on the big screen

But I tell you what, come over tonight and I bet I make you scream

I don’t stay for breakfast, that’s for men with interest

You gave me good, I did it right, that’s the end of the interest

No! I don’t want to know your mother, you must be kidding

Unless she has got cake that’s not fake then she may have a beginning

I don’t need love, love needs me

I can do well on my own, it’s best to believe me

I am sorry if I hurt you, I never said this thing was leading to marriage

I am just born a free spirit, no need for baggage

I look at the wind and the wind sees me

Then gives me a high five, both free as can be

I am happy the way I am

I have no need for dramatic complications

My heart stay with me sweat pea, never a budge

I told you before, no one is getting my love

© 2018 Clive Williams

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