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Daddy's Girl

Why'd you have to break my trust ?
Was it a must ?
Was always us against the world
Use to be
Always wondered where you were
If you were coming
If we were going to park still
No matter how much you guys argued
I didnt care
Just wanted my dad there...
Growing up knowing that all we did was have fun
But then the pain had begun...
You shocked me in the worse way possible
You hurt me in the worse way possible
We were unstoppable
Why'd you have to go that route ?
Down that path ?
What would of happened if I didn't say anything ?
Didnt speak up ?
Would you have creeped up ?
That's all I could think was gonna happen that night
I just ran down the stairs in a big fright
You were the 1st to break my heart...
Now I cant stand you
Wanna be around you
See you
You just annoy my soul
Reason why I'm no longer a Daddy's Girl...

© 2019 Chelsea Charlotten

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