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No to All That


I’m not living in darkness, no
My life is bathed in the light
You can ask me anything
What I am is in your sight

I’m not eclipsed by sadness, no
Regardless what has happened
It’s not a life to which I’m resigned
It’s only what I never imagined

My thoughts all over the floor
Should I pick them up, no
They’re not ready for me to say
The dust needs a place to go

How many obstacles can there be?
I didn’t ask, life put them in front (of me)
My life looks good maybe to you, no
Is my smile just some kind of stunt?

No, it’s the real thing, I know it
Green grass always grows from fire
I’m not going to deny it, not ever
I’d rather die honestly than as a liar

I have no reason to be sad, no
Let’s talk about that again, right now
Do you know how many times I laughed?
As many times as a groom made a vow

No, there’s nothing wrong being wrong
Except if you don’t admit it to yourself
And if it’s too hard to say it to someone else
It’s the truth living unopened on the shelf