No More a Princess

Updated on June 6, 2019
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Ali is a young writer who lives in Manila, Philippines. She has the heart for words and soul for poetry.

Not a fantasy story

In your castle, you've clothed yourself with the fantasy of Prince charming and happy ending.

You surrounded yourself with the idea of living with the man in a crown and an arm that'll embrace your miseries.

He clothed himself with the dashing light and the hand that will catch you anywhere you fall.

You created an idea of someone who'll uplift you in your days of agonies and save you in your mayhem.

You've found him in a body of someone. He's almost perfect like a prince.He got the throne and the charm that cast you in a halo.

But he was a lost soul mourning for the lost of his loved.

You've took the opportunity and console him. You've lowered everything for him to accept you, to love you, to enchant him like a potion.

He reciprocate. He saw you but never claimed. You're a waif.

But that's okay 'cause you loved him and some says there's nothing impossible with love.

Everything shattered like a broken metamorphosis.

He can't love you the same way you love him.

You're wasted and did stupid things. You can't accept the fact that the prince charming that you created in your mind is not yours.

He is not yours to keep.

So you wander like a gypsy longing for love in everyman that you meet. You begged for love like you don't deserved it. You begged for love even though you don't love them.

You're wasted and hungry for that thing.

You meet him again in places, like he is a haunted memories creeping your bed at night.

But he's not a prince charming, he's just a guy finding his place in a world. He's nothing but a prince charming when your skin touch his palm.

No one is prince charming in this world as you see his eyes blinking like a stranger in his own world.

You've created that idea of someone who never leaves. But they all leave, they have their reasons.

You can't force them to love you back. You can't asked them to stay.

The saddest part is that acceptance is healing. You're a graveyard of your own burried fantasy.

Now is the chance for a eulogy, to all the fantasy and prince charming.

"How is your heart?" "Burried in a fleeting moment before it exalt again."

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    © 2019 Ani


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      • Ruby Enclona profile image

        Ruby Enclona 

        11 months ago from Manila, Phillipines

      • Aliwrite profile imageAUTHOR


        11 months ago from Manila, Philippines

        Thank you Linda ♥️

      • Linda Kloss profile image

        Linda Kloss 

        11 months ago from Corpus Christi


      • Aliwrite profile imageAUTHOR


        11 months ago from Manila, Philippines

        Thanks Asad ♥️

      • Asad Dillz profile image

        Asad Dillz Khan 

        11 months ago from United Kingdom

        Beautiful writing. Good job!

      • Aliwrite profile imageAUTHOR


        11 months ago from Manila, Philippines

        Thank you so much John Hansen! I'll surely edit this one and will continue writing. ♥️

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        11 months ago from Queensland Australia

        Ali, the story is a good one with a lot of feeling. It just needs a little revision (as the English isn't perfect in places) and breaking up into paragraphs to make it easier to read. Keep writing.


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