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No friend

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No friend

I scream from upon this hill

So far away

An eternity and a day

But no one hears

Or no one cares

I tell you how I feel

And you tell me to get help

But help isn’t helping

And I’m slipping

Your last response foretelling of your next

Leaves me quite perplexed

It’s not as simple as all that

Maybe I was simply looking for conversation

Or an ounce of sympathy

Frankly it has me quite vexed

But when that’s all you say to me

It seems as if you’re saying it’s not your concern

Not your care

But if indeed you are my friend

Perhaps don’t dismiss me so handily

And just take a moment of your time to ask what’s the matter

But perhaps I’ve confused the former for the latter

And indeed, its not your care or concern

Because perhaps you’re no friend in actuality

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