No Way to Treat a Lady Poem

Updated on October 2, 2018
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Poetikaly Anointed is a well-seasoned Poet who thrives on creating beauty, especially when the core is bruised black & blue. Speak Life!

You claimed me as your Lady

I even had your baby;

you questioned their DNA,

knowing my heart did not sway;

A joke intended to break

the heart you captured with fake

strings you pulled to deceive me.

Now I see with clarity.

Declarations formed with rhyme.

Your sweet words sprinkled with lime,

penned with disappearing ink,

stolen from veins you did drink,

to fill the void within you

as you proclaimed, "I Love You!"

Now I see with clarity.

A Cult Classic

No Way to Treat a Lady Poster
No Way to Treat a Lady Poster

Movie Inspired Title

The title of my poem was inspired by the film above. Though subject matters are different, endgames are the same-the abuse of women.

The film stars Rod Steiger as Christoper Gill-a Psychopath. It has a "Psycho" feel to it for Mr. Gill obsesses over "Mother" too. It's billed as a Suspenseful "Dark Comedy" that investigates Mr. Gill's dirty deeds as he copes with his obsession. That's all I'll say about the 1968 Thriller that shines on the acting talents of Mr. Steiger. If you haven't experienced this Cinematic Masterpiece, then I suggest you "Netflix and Chill" it!

The poem discloses the disturbing ways my abuser choose to hurt me. He indeed had the audacity to ask me, "Is the baby mine?" It literally made me ill to think about the baby's conception to begin with. You see, his illegitimate claim was a legitimate way to cause me emotional and mental anguish. He knew darn well that the baby was "ours" because I was faithful to my soul. Chances are, he never was! I had my suspicions but of course he denied it.

He'd seldom show his remorse by wooing me with a penned verse. Though his words were sugary sweet, they were artificial. With every abusive act inflicted, my tears erased every verse penned.

This is the epitome of Psychological Abuse.

If you've experienced similar abuse, please read the following Hub.

Mr. Black & Mrs. Blue: An Abusive Love

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      • PoetikalyAnointed profile imageAUTHOR


        3 weeks ago from US

        Thank you so much for stopping by and you have great insight.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        3 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

        I feel the angst of a woman scorned. Emotion-charged poem. Good job.


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