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No Walls No Borders


I like to think I have no borders,
no walls
I won’t tell you how we should live;
not anymore
Everybody knows;
they are only trying to survive
Talking to a child,
it's how I can live with God
It is in their time,
reading books I’d forgotten,
fighting through our stresses;
There is nothing wrong,
monsters aren’t real
Their life is what we long for
For they are laced with magic;
and dreams
It’s the excitement of a new movie
People watching with Daddy
Absolutes in every fairy tale
That is why we want to believe in them
But though we know what is true;
they need this time
For one day Santa Claus will be asleep
And they will wish they knew what we know
How to juggle not bowling pins,
but life instead
Brilliant at mastering our world
inside our own walls
Experts at thinking of everything at once:
And nothing
When a smile is all we have left