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Empty Words and Broken Promises

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Empty words and broken promises

that is all that is left of the

friendship you swore would never end.

This empty feeling deep within

inside of my chest if the heart

that you have once again crushed

because I believed in you.

Chills of sorrow is what washes

over me every time I think of

you any more, because you

have once again let me down

just like I knew you always would.

Fighting back the tears and choking

down the breaths that I struggle to

hide from everyone around me.

Destroyed by yet another of your

betrayals and broken by words

i thought you were saying

because you actually meant them.

Silly me for believing,

silly me for trusting,

that was stupid on my part.

I really should have known better

I really should have seen this

before now....should have recognized

that you were a liar all along.

Buried deep within my soul

is all of the empty promises

that you made to me that

you swore you would never

break.... silly me for believing

that what you said was true.

Standing on the edge of the

cliff looking down...and

contemplating just jumping

off into the emptiness that

has now taken over my soul.

Debating whether it is worth

the pain to keep moving forward

with so many empty words

and broken promises spewing

from your lips and burning my ears.

Its now or never, I can't be

saved. Have given up and

jumped to late for me, but

perhaps one day you

will see that what was

should have been held

onto instead of thrown away

like trash....too bed it will be

to late by then to fix the

soul that has shattered.

© 2020 Emily