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No Time To Stop


There Is More Fun To Come

When I pull up a chair

I take a load off my feet

Sometimes I feel like a U.P.S. truck

That has so many deliveries

One-stop after another

Racing around trying to finish up

The truck has to be empty when the day is done

So on my truck

I have so many things that I want to complete

Instead of packages I have ideas

Both big and small

Some quite out of the ordinary

Straight from the thinking barn

Where one thought is molded

Then soon tested

We don't care if it works or not

We just want to see progress

They are so different than anything I have ever seen before

It is like taking a shovel and breaking new ground

The dirt has been there for years

So many people have stepped on it

Not until now did someone who is so creative

Decide to dig it up

First it might look like just dirt

What's really under a few plants or grass

I hit what I think is a rock

I can't believe it is this giant bolder

It is huge in size

Let me see how I can go around it

It stops over here

I hit something else

It is a piece of wood

From an old park bench

Then a sneaker

A penny and an old cap gun

Wow as we start to get under this big rock

Now we realize it is two rocks cemented together

Who would of done such a thing ?

Maybe there are more rocks like it ?

So every day is good as the next

Sometimes even better

Where we go from here

Is all up to you

What do you find on your mind?

That you would love to tinker with

Maybe you started a project years ago

Now is a good time to finish it

Then again it could be an idea that you just thought of

It might need a lot of work

The best part it is your idea

Only you can make it into something special

You can toss all kinds of thoughts that might be possible

It is up to you to develop

When you reach a problem

Don't give up just yet

Remember how excited you were

When you thought anything was possible

Think of your original inspiration ?

To change the world and make it a better place

If you give up it is the end of the line

If you continue on ...

Then you might find someone else who thinks like you

Maybe together you can help each other

Fixing it to be even better

Then if you both are stumped and think it is the end of the road

Think again

You have worked so hard

Given it so much thought and effort

Now is time to find more people

Who will also keep the dream alive

Then one day

You will see it was all worth it

Millions of people can benefit from all that you started

You didn't give up

No matter the odds

Appreciating everyone's hard work

You all can take credit for what you have created over time

A piece of work

More beautiful than you could imagine

Lovely in every way

Don't stop there

This is only the beginning

Of a world of dreams that make life incredible

For everyone has a different dream to dream


DREAM ON (author) on July 10, 2020:

Chatra Ram We all have busy lives and it is up to us to see that we make the most out of our days. If we keep trying to accomplish a little at a time we can see how much can get done. If we do nothing we can see how easy it is to fall behind. Some days are going to be one way or the other. Then there will be times that we do a lot more than we realized. I am so happy you enjoyed my poem. Thank you so much for reading. Please come back again. I hope your day is absolutely lovely.

CHATRA RAM from BARMER INDIA on July 09, 2020:

No Time To Stop

very gorgeous!

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