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No Time To Look Back

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I Am Moving Forward

It is one of the hardest things I have ever done

I take one step and feel the warmth of an inner glow

It has been a long time in coming

I thought it about it for years

Each time I lose my confidence

Filled with the unknown fear

What will happen next ?

I believed what other people have said

I now know people just talk way too much

They hardly ever do the walk

I look around and this day is fresh and alive

Filled with promise and hidden drive

I walk with a simple stride

Confidence I have finally accepted

Buried so deep

I thought it would never be found

The more I gave other people the power

They abused their privileges

Only to make me feel worse not better

My dreams kept resurfacing

There was no escape

I had little choice

I could keep doing what I knew wouldn't work

Get depressed and stressed

Which was unlike me

I could move forward

In the direction that I want

Leaving all the baggage on the curb

Catching my breath

Hesitant and resistant

I am here now

I will go bold and show

Not only what I know

What I have spent years learning

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