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No Time To Be Upset

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I Turn To Writing Instead

When things get crazy in my head

I can do what so many other people do

Cursing that ends with a swear

Oh dear

What will the children think?

Instead, I could bang the door or stomp my feet

What good would that do?

Then I can yell and carry on

Like a madman that lost his mind

Is there a simple solution?

I am sure there is

I just have to think quick on my feet

I have seen people slam their cell phones down

Pound on there laptop keys

What is that is going to do?

Break one or both

Then you have more trouble than you bargained for

Increasing the pain

Doesn't make me any happier

Some people pick an argument with their lover


That's all we need in the world

Another angry person

Don't we have enough trouble already?

So lets think of a better way?

We can do this

Work together

I like the way this is going

I feel calmer already

You walked me off the ledge

Like you are carrying down a cat out of a tree

Frantic and scared

It wouldn't still be up there

If things were just fine and dandy

I don't want to lose my cool

But sometimes I get so mad

I hear you

You won't understand?

Try me

I am way too upset

To listen to reason and common sense

Think before you do something stupid

Don't do something you will regret


Take a minute

Take another minute

If you go off the handle

Then there are some things that can't be undone

Why not tell me what is really bothering you?

It can't be the computer isn't working?

It is mechanical and things go haywire

You have never got this mad in the past

It is not the end of the world

So what seems to be the problem?

A short pause.....

I don't like it when I try to do something and it becomes a big project

Why can't it just be easy

Every time I go to log in on the computer

I have to log in again and again

Create a new password

Send my password to my phone

What a royal pain in my butt

When my password worked fine before

I know but does it really happen every time?

No, but it does happen a lot

Everyone else logs in no problem

How do you know that?

Maybe they have the same trouble?

I don't know why it happens

I am sure your not the only one

People just don't share with other people their problems

They don't write it down for the world to see

They have learned not to air their dirty laundry

Well, sometimes it is good to release all the frustration

So it doesn't lead to anger

So what if we have to do it again and again

Finally it did work right?

Yes, but it is the point

There is a bigger problem to point out

No pun intended

Your computer is working fine now

Think if this was just five years ago

You didn't have this great technology we have today

You couldn't do half what you do

You would be in a whole different place

Now in five more years

This will all be a thing of the past

You are right

It really is no big deal

If you treat it like a small problem

Then we can fix it

If you treat it like a natural disaster

Then we have an emergency on our hands

It runs wild and sad things do happen

Beyond our control

I was so glad you where hear to help me

No problem


Maybe next time I can help you

Yes, that would be really nice

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